Saturday, October 1, 2011

Some Support For Betty

Hello Dear Crafty friends! Today I found out one of my crafty friends Betty from Simply Betty Stamps has  gotten some sad news about her 17 year old son Christian. You can read her post HERE, but a summery of it is he has throat cancer :( can you imagine hearing your baby has throat cancer! Luckily he is in stage one and they will be able to treat him and get him back to being a normal teenager. The only thing is he needs an operation.  They have insurance but as you know it doesn't cover everything and they will have to come up with a copay as well as any extra fees that come out of his week of testing.
Here is where you come in. Betty was going to have her Jude and the Rockers fall release on Tuesday like all her other releases but decided to do it early and reduce the prices from $6.25 to $4.95 each! That is a great deal. The money will be going to help pay the medical expenses. So please if you have ever liked Simply Betty Stamps and have wanted to buy some now is the perfect time. These stamps are adorable and you will be helping a family through a difficult situation.
Here are the new Jude and the Rockers stamps
 Any thing helps even if it is just one stamp, If you haven't had a chance to see her last release it is amazing! For all you Tim Burton Fans out there you have to see these!
 I have just recieved these stamps yesterday and let me tell you they are more awesome in person and a must have for all Johnny Depp fans lol and with Christmas coming up what better to use than Jack and Sally!!

Thank you all so much I hope you will stop by her blog and show your support for her and her family!


OmaGloria said...

Well I've been trying to practice my coloring so this was a pretty dang good reason to purchase some digis.

They will all be in my thoughts and prayers.

Cely said...

that is such sad news! i'm in love with the digis though... my husband would flip if he saw the tim burton ones. will check it out, never heard of it before!

Percilla G said...

I will be going over shortly and see what she has
and HEY DT - fabulous stuff

ScrapinShana said...

I LOVE these digis but have never purchased any. Now is the perfect time, for such a good cause, but a sad one. Thoughts and prayers go out to her family. Thank you so much for posting this.

Betty Boo! said...


Thank you so much for the support and love! You are an amazing person and the whole crafting community has been spectacular to us in this time of need. I can't thank you enough for the help, the support, and the care you have given me!

Thank you!

Betty Roberts & family said...

You are such a wonderful friend Erika and these stamps are gorgeous!!

Maria Matter said...

this is so kind of you Erika!!!
these are such fun stamps!!

teachU14 said...

Your such a great friend to spread the word. I love her stamps but I'm not an experienced colorist... this gives me a great reason to get in some practice.

May prayers are with Betty and her family during this difficult time.