Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Winner of the post it blog hop

Hello scrappy friends!! I am so sorry it took me so long to post this. I am trying to get myself together in the light of some unwanted drama and stress, but thankfully I have all that negativity behind me.I just can't understand how some people can be so childish and immature! I am a strong person and I take everything as a learning experience so now it is behind me time to move on!!

Ok ok I am done venting hehe! So now on to the winner for the Post-it Blog hop.......

#9 Becky Dunham said...
Adorable treat box Erika! What a fabulous idea with so many possibilities! I think I would definitely have to say the jewel pack would be my first choice. Thanks for the chance to win some of this fabulous paper - I am dying to try it with my Cricut!
Congrats Becky you have until Friday to contact me with your info so I can send out your paper :)

I am so excited I have some awesome things I am working on and I can't wait to share them with you all!! Thanks for stopping by today dont forget to join me tomorrow for my Thankful Thursday DT day!


Becky Dunham said...

oh Erika! I cannot tell you how thrilled i am! i saw some of this at Michaels about a week ago but had to buy other supplies with my spending money, been thinking about it ever since :) Sending you an email right away!

K Andrew said...

Oh I just love Becky! She is the sweetest--God blessed the right girl with this candy!
Congrats to you Becky!
Super glad to see you back to your old self Erika. Welcome back girl!!!!

My Scrap Diary said...

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to unwanted drama!! Sadly it is what it is and immature doesn't even begin to cover it. But im very happy to hear that you are doing better :)
I can't wait to see your new projects. You always come up with the cutest stuff!!!
Big Hugs :)
Oh and Congrats Becky!

Cyndi S said...

i love the colors you chose, they are so cute. cmstephenson97 at yahoo dot com